Hey folks!

First of all: Have one thing clear for you, in case you are a critic to my writings and are on doubt if I am an expert fellow. At least not when it comes to the subject of my blog; I am not! I am not a professional – neither as a psychologist or a doctor.

Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety & Borderline Personality Disorder is my personal blog.

Open Eyes For Mental IllnessI`ll try to tell “my story” here. (At least some of it) Since I am a shy guy, don`t expect a lot of personal information,  I will, however, do my best to prove to you that I am a straight forward, down to earth and ordinary fellow. At least you will be able to get to know me a little bit better after reading “my story”.

Nowadays, all around the world people have their own blogs. There are many different reasons to have one, and there are different kinds of blogs.
Some have blogs purely to make a profit out of it, while others are meant to be a personal blog where people either want to express their meanings and opinions. Some write just for fun – some are talented writers who can use their skills to on their blog while waiting to; for instant get a job as a journalist or maybe are trying to promote a book they have written, or an e-book.
I have this blog because I am a father of a bipolar boy, and that is the reason why I will find out as much as I can about bipolarity, and learn how to cope with mental illness I general.

So, who am I, you might wonder, and what is the purpose of writing here to tell you about myself?
To write your own bio is no easy task to do. I am thinking; what do people need to know about me, and why on earth should anyone “bother” to read whatever/whoever I claim to be?

My number one reason to write/inform you guys, are first of all the fact that I have some websites/blogs, and in order to gain peoples trusts, I must at least try.
I guess everyone knows how important it is for a webmaster to be trusted by people in order to get visitors to his or hers websites, and why it is important to get visitors, but whatever I write about myself can be fiction, for all you know.
Fortune is, nowadays we can check out a person via the Internet so it would be idiotic to lie about such information.
The website I care most about is this one about Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Here I (and others) write about mental health issues.

In my opinion, it is too few parents (family-members) of the ones suffering from the mental illness bipolar disorder, (Manic Depressive Disorder) who talks/write about the subject.  No one seems to be willing to share their story. This is a concern for both the ones who have the disorder and their relatives.
One way to cope with the situation (the problems) is to be open about it. This can also be a way to demystify myths around being bipolar. A way to “open the eyes” to people`s minds about bipolarity and other mental health deceases. The goal should be that there will be no more “us and them”.

Bipolar disorder, depression (sadness) and anxiety disorders, are somehow “related” as far as I can understand, but if people who know more than me about this subject disagree, they are welcome to enlighten me.
I started this blog about bipolar disorder, (Manic depression) depression and anxiety 2011.11.11. This was meant to be my own source to both learn and (hopefully) teach about all problems concerning mental health.

A Facebook-page was created later to combine and encourage people to speak up concerning mental health problems. I called the page: Dealing with Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety.
Please do follow the link and hit the “like”-button!

There is also a Google Plus page connected to the blog: Check it out – follow and connect. Here it is: https://plus.google.com/+BipolarDisorderDepressionAnxiety

A FORUM is setup where one also can discuss mental health privately if needed.

There is a “sister-blog” to this one; Bipolar Mental Health – but since that blog is so new, just a couple of article posted so far.

These pages on the blog are updated regularly:
•    Hypnotherapy
•    Anger Management
•    Music as Therapy
•    Mental Health Videos
•    Free Mental Heath E-books

Other sites:
One about our dogs, one is a personal blog about photography, artwork & poetry. (So far just photography, I am sorry to admit)
Then, of course, I have some Facebook-pages connected to the websites. (You can find links to them under the page: “Our Social Media and Websites“)

See you later!



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